Strategic Plan

BCODN Strategic Plan

BCODN Strategic Plan 2017/2018

BCODN has identified priorities for this year within the context of its strategic direction for the 2013-2018 period.

Strategic Priorities

1.0 Develop partnerships and strategic alliances to increase membership value

1.1 Explore our relationship with ODN (American OD Network) and determine added-value [for BCODN members

1.2 Identify and build relationships with existing OD groups across BC to expand our reach and value throughout the province

1.3 Establish sponsor relationships [relationships with sponsors] to enhance the offerings and value [value of what we offer] to our membership [members]

2.0 Create a communications and marketing strategy

2.1 Establish and implement a communication and marketing strategy to strengthen and expand BCODN’s membership and enhance the value of being a BCODN member 2.2 Develop a new BCODN website to improve members’ experiences and communication with the OD community

2.3 Develop brand guidelines

3.0 Create a learning and professional development plan

3.1 Create and implement a learning and professional development calendar to support the development of BCODN members and the community at large

3.2 Define core OD competencies and key areas of practice

3.3 Define how this learning and professional development nurtures the BCO experience, value and credentials

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