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The Board of Directors has a responsibility to be a catalyst in support of BCODN’s Vision and Purpose.  The Board works collaboratively to manifest the future the Network desires by engaging in the praxis of OD to achieve the goals and recommendations set out in BCODN’s 3-year strategic plan.  

Vision: A world where leaders, communities and organizations courageously use organization development to make a positive impact on people and society.


      1. Provide a supportive learning community for OD Professionals to network with their peers and to engage in activities to enhance their professional development.
      2. Be a vital learning community that develops, supports, and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of knowledge in human organization and systems development.
      3. Advance the Value, Continuation, Understanding, Practice Impact, and Experience of Organization Development within the following three integrated communities in British Columbia:
        • The Organization Development Community itself
        • The BC Business Community, and
        • The Not-for-profit sector

Together, with BCODN members and stakeholders, the board actively engages in the praxis of OD to achieve the strategic priorities set out in BCODN’s 3-year strategic plan.  

Strategic Priorities for 2003 – 2026:

      1. Create a Thriving Organization
      2. Create an Engaged Community
      3. Create more ways to Do OD

bcodn strategic plan graphic 2023-2026

Join us! Become a Director! Help the network grow, so it can help you achieve your OD goals.  

The BCODN Board comprises up to 10 volunteers committed to improving BCODN and the practice of OD in BC.  Let us know the competency areas and the experiences that would support your desired growth and development. We will work with you to identify a role that aligns with your interests and advances your professional development. 

If there’s one thing you should know about the BCODN Board, it’s that our leadership philosophy is about working together at a pace that enables each of us to feel supported and sustained, not defeated and drained.  We are a group of passionate, caring leaders who engage in joyful practice.  If you are looking to grow your leadership experience in a way that supports a healthy, vibrant, resilient culture of leadership and a connected community, reach out to us!

Board Positions include:

    • President
    • Past President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Building Community Organizations Committee Lead
    • Learning Events Lead
    • Communications Lead
    • Business Development Lead
    • Member and Stakeholder Engagement Lead
    • Industry and Post Secondary Partnerships Lead

We welcome new, emerging, and experienced OD practitioners and business professionals who bring a diversity of interests and knowledge areas, and who want to build skills and gain experience relating to the following OD-related competencies:  

    • Business Advisor
    • Credible Strategist
    • Efficient Designer
    • Informed Consultant
    • Systems Change Expert

For detailed descriptions of the skills and knowledge areas for these competencies, see:

global OD competency framework diagramglobal OD competencies list

The BCODN Board is especially keen to build its capacity in the business advisory and credible strategist competency areas!  If you have skills and knowledge in these areas, and would like to exercise your leadership skills, please reach out to us!

We will work with you to design a job description that fulfills your interests and aligns with the strategic goals of the BCODN!

What are the benefits of serving on the board? 

      1. Leadership 
        • Support a deeper understanding of OD work in the province
        • Be a voice in promoting the community outreach and mentorship done through the BCO
      2. Make a positive contribution 
        • Use your voice and connections to help shape the organization’s future
        • Create opportunities to enrich and develop the community of OD practitioners
      3. Learn about the OD profession 
        • Broaden your perspective 
        • Be exposed to cutting-edge research and education about OD
      4. Access to professional networks 
        • Cultivate a new and dynamic network
      5. Gain a different skill-set 
        • Develop your decision-making, facilitation, governance, financial, marketing and communication skills
      6. Create good and leave a legacy 
        • Leave the world in a better place than when you arrived

What is the nomination process?

Only current BCODN members can be nominated. (Not a member? Click here to join.)

To nominate a colleague or yourself, please submit:

    • Your name and contact information
    • Your nominee’s name and contact information
    • A brief professional biography of the nominee (first 200 words will be published) and why he/she/you would make a great director
    • A digital photo (which will be published)

Click here for information on the Nomination and Election Process 

 Submit your nomination information to by 12pm on June 18, 2024.