About Us

Who We Are

The BC Organization Development Network (BCODN) is a learning community of over 700 OD practitioners across B.C. Our members occupy a range of practitioner roles in the public and private sectors, government, not-for-profit organizations and consultancies.

What We Value

  • Social responsibility: contributing to the benefit and well-being of the earth and its people.
  • Social justice: contributing to just and equitable policies, principles and practices in organizations and communities.
  • An appreciation of the interconnectedness of systems.
  • The inclusion of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures.
  • Continued improvement and innovation in organizations.
  • Participatory approaches to organizational change and management that respect the contributions, dignity, and worth of all people.
  • Collaboration and partnership with clients.
  • Cooperation and support among colleagues.
  • Ongoing personal and practitioner development.
  • Self-knowledge and an understanding of one’s impact on the OD process.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Helping you to create remarkable experiences.


  • To provide a supportive learning community for OD professionals and enable them to network with their peers and to engage in activities that enhance their practitioner development.
  • To have an impact on individuals, workplaces and communities.
  • To create awareness of the value of OD within various BC communities.