OD Dynamicism Along the Inclusion Journey

We had a great evening on January 30th learning about equity, inclusion and diversity (EDI) with Alden Habacon!

If you combine diversity based on physical attributes (e.g. gender, ethnicity) with experiential diversity (e.g. people with different life experiences), that’s when you get thought diversity. Thank you to all the amazing participants from organizations throughout the Lower Mainland who contributed their ideas on how to make EDI happen!

Here are just a few of the many ideas and insights from the evening:

  • We can see our privilege as unearned advantage.
  • Create the case for EDI by showing how it’s an enabler of bringing your vision, mission and values to life.
  • It takes time to get things right and we need to create Forgiving Spaces.
  • Inclusion means you feel you are being treated fairly; feel appreciated for what’s unique about you, while still feeling like you belong; and you are confident you can share your thoughts, ideas and perspectives on a regular basis.
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