Lead an OD Roundtable


Roundtables provide an opportunity for groups of OD practitioners to come together around a topic of interest to discuss and learn from each other. Roundtables are not intended to replace other professional development workshops hosted by BCODN or other member offerings. The focus is on peer-to-peer learning and as such, any presentation made must not be longer than 20 minutes in length and the remaining time is participants working/learning together in facilitated discussion.

Benefits of Leading a Roundtable

As a member of the BCODN, you could fill a leadership role for an existing roundtable or create a new one based on an identified need. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit leadership in your OD community
  • Increase your exposure as an OD professional
  • Learn and connect with other OD professionals on topics that are of interest to you and the OD community

Sample Types of Roundtables

  • News of the day or “hot topics”: How current events and research impact OD practices in organizations
  • Guest facilitator: In this case, someone with a specific area of expertise or unique experience is brought in to either provide a short presentation or answer questions, engaging other people’s thoughts/opinions/experiences

General Format

To provide roundtable member or perhaps a not-for-profit facing a current OD challenge with the opportunity to present their challenge and innovation to a room of practitioners who will work together to provide a potential solution. The person with the challenge would:

  • Provide background information about their organization (15-20 min.)
    • Present the OD challenge
    • Respond to questions from the roundtable regarding the challenge (10 min.)
  • Discuss potential solutions to the challenge as a group. If the group is large, this could also be done by breaking the group into smaller groups and having each group present their solution to the overall group at the end of the roundtable. (45 min.)
  • Debrief and summary (10 min.)

Benefits for Participants

  • Open up to a paradigm shift and work with new perspectives on the dilemma
  • Get practical advice with designing an approach
  • Experience and learn new techniques that can be applied immediately
  • Network with other OD professionals


This will depend on the facilitator topic and availability of the participants. This may be a regular meeting or a one-time peer learning event.

Who Should Attend

Internal/external consultants, Facilitators, Community managers, Leaders and Managers – all who are called to facilitate community building, learning, meetings, communication, groups, and change.

How to Apply

We’re looking for facilitators for roundtables starting in March and April and our Professional Development team can provide logistical support. If interested, please submit a roundtable proposal form to the team at info@bcodn.org.

Hurry, the deadline to submit a proposal for a roundtable is February 15 and there are limited spots available for roundtable leaders!

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