BCODN mailing lists

The BCODN has two mailing lists: our BCODN Members list and our Friends of BCODN list

BCODN Members mailing list

The BCODN Members list includes BCODN members only.

BCODN members are automatically subscribed to this list upon registration, and remain subscribed as long as your membership is active. Members receive our eNewsletter, job postings and event announcements as part of your membership benefits.

Members may leave the list at any time; instructions for unsubscribing are found at the bottom of all messages to the list.

Friends of BCODN mailing list

The Friends of BCODN list is for non-members or past members who take an interest in the BCODN, or as we like to say, friends of the BCODN.

The Friends of BCODN list is used to announce upcoming events and other information relating to the BC OD Network and its affiliates.

Subscription is open to anyone.  Subscribe below:

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