Cyriel Kortleven - Innovation, Creativity and Action

Cyriel Kortleven is an international speaker on the topic Creativity and Innovation. He gave an interactive session for the BC ODN network and in this video he's sharing some of the main messages from his presentation 'Yes And Act - Boost your change mindset'. The 'Yes' stands for a positive attitude and believe in what you're doing or want to do. Stop the idea killers like 'Yes, but', 'We have no budget/time/people', 'We have already tried it', ... The 'And' means looking at the world from different perspectives and diverge (generate more ideas in a short amount of time) and the 'Act' stands for the action. Having great ideas is worthless if you don't do anything with them so dare to experiment and fail often, fast and forward. If you want to know more about the work of Cyriel then you can check his website If you're interested in the work and meetings of BC ODN, then check 


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