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Reconstitute: Chocolate chip cookies and choosing who we are as leaders

I had the pleasure of attending a weekend workshop with Meg Wheatley entitled "Who Do You Choose to Be? Facing Reality-Claiming Leadership-Restoring Sanity" at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. The lush old campus was an ideal setting for this session. I came into the workshop without any knowledge or history of Meg's previous works including "Leadership and the New Science."

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STS (or ... Share The Subject)

Have you ever been to an event and you end up briefly discussing topics that you would really like to dig deeper into? We have too. That is why STSs were introduced to BCODN this year.

One of the visions for BCODN this year is to create the space for members and guests to discuss topics of shared interest. For example: What OD-related technology do you find useful? What do you know about gamification? What are some of the latest trends in organizational development? What is your experience with a specific tool?

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World Cafe

This report reviews the themes generated from the BC ODN’s World Café discussions. The attendees provided 96 answers to three questions about today’s business leaders’ challenges, the value OD professionals offer, and potential practices OD professionals need to learn or could add value to organizations. The attendees’ answers were organized into themes with brief descriptions. The review of the themes suggested there are areas in need of further discussion and exploration and areas where OD professional practices do not align with business leaders’ needs and interests.

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