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Ron Jacklin
Who are you?When I am not engaged in business development and creative development at the Media FX group, I am helping to create the next wave of multi-media talent in BC as an instructor in the New Media Design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Vancouver Film School (VFS). As one of the founders of the Media FX Group, over 10 years ago, I have been focused on corporate website and video production as well as the creation of graphics for digital signage.
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Coleen B. Doucette
Who are you?I believe that human connection is the force behind every great result and achievement. How accomplished a staff can be, is directly affected by the work environment they function within.
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Lachlan Whatley
Who am I? I am a practitioner/scholar who believes that sound management is based on solid theory, and solid theory is grounded in practice. To this end, I have an undergraduate degree in business, two (2) accounting designations (CGA–Canada; CPA–Australia), a master of commerce in finance, and a master of arts in organizational leadership. I also hold a Ph.D.
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Nick Freeman
Who am I? Nick Freeman, currently working on transformational learning at ICBC.
Why do you belong to BCODN?I love the essence of OD practice and I’m continuing to learn so much working with my colleagues on the Board as well as from all the superb practitioners that I meet as a result of being involved in the network.
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Rob Pineau
Who are you? I am a person who cares deeply about helping others become more resilient and resourceful so they can create more of the life that they want. As a professionally certified coach my focus is on working with individuals who may be experiencing burnout or looking for a career change.
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Karin Willis
Who are you?Karin Wills, ex-HR practitioner; toes in the water OD fan; Social Network opportunist; coach in training.
Why do you belong to BCODN?I find the BCODN members are willing to share their knowledge and experience which is very helpful – I learn so much and hopefully return some of that generosity with my participation.
What are you proudest of in
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Maureen Ewing
Who are you?Funny what this question of “who are you” raises and how we typically write it from the third person and ambitiously include “what we do” believing that “we are what we do”. My first thought here speaks largely to who I am, as one who loves to explore, reflect, and see things from many different perspectives.
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Laura Carter
Who are you?Well, it seems that I continue to evolve…but right now I am an independent consultant and coach. I have worked as both an internal and an external consultant. I love collaborating so am drawn more now to working with a team. I started out in community and international development and navigated to OD about 15 years ago.


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