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Faye White
Who are you? I have been an independent OD consultant for the past 8 years. The majority of my work has been in the public sector with an emphasis on health.
Why do you belong to BCODN?As a member of BCODN for the past 4 years, I value the opportunity to connect with my peers, particularly as an independent.
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Dave Matte
Who are you?I am a manager of training design and the learning management system at Bell, and have recently completed a Masters in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads. Additionally, I am a long-time member of the Bobbers Queer Comedy troupe.
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Jane Hill
Who are you?A people enthusiast and Organizational Development and Human Resources practitioner. I believe in leading through facilitation and coaching. I have worked with a global consulting and outsourcing firm on Human Capital initiatives and with a small local organization on a number of HR projects and proposals.
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Dan Gunn
Dan’s first experience with BCODN was a workshop he attended in October 2009. After meeting so many passionate like-minded people, he knew he had an interest in OD.
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Sandra McMillian
Who are you? - I love learning and am always setting new goals, both at work and at home. My favorite pastime is having meaningful conversations with other individuals who share an interest in continuous improvement and exploring life.


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