Your Board for 2016/2017

At our June AGM, new and returning Board Members were voted in to lead BCODN into another great year. We were delighted to have Kathy Andrews join the Board in the co-chair role of Professional Development & Events! Katherine Marlow has moved from doing double-duty as Treasurer and PD co-chair, to exclusively Treasurer.

Here is the list of Board Members for 2016/2017

President: Adrienne White

Secretary: Resham Vasandani

Treasurer: Katherine Marlow

VP Professional Development/Events co-chair: Laura Villacrusis

VP Professional Development/Events co-chair: Kathy Andrews

VP Membership co-chair: Lucy Jdanova

VP Membership co-chair:  Peter Choi

VP Communication co-chair: Jeremy Nemanishen

VP Communication co-chair: Tashekia White

Keeper of the Flame (BCO) interim: Faye White

Past President: Sam Chan

We are fortunate to also have Patrick O’Neill as our Advisor with Adler University.

Did you know? ... Many of these positions will be at the end of their term next year. Have you considered taking on a leadership role at BCODN? Get in touch to learn more by emailing or contacting Adrienne White.

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