Would you like to hear from well-known Thought Leaders in January?

Two giants in Organizational Development are going to answer your submitted questions during a taped interview that will be shared with attendees as part of the BCODN January 30th event. In early January, separate telephone/video interviews will be held with Edgar Schein and Barry Oshry. As are you doubt aware, these men are each giants in organizational development and prolific authors. We are wildly fortunate to have their time. While we may not be able to bring these thought leaders to you in January, we can take your questions to them and share the recordings with you in January. Plus the first 5 people who submit questions will be able to sit in on the virtual interview of the guest of their choice (Oshry or Schein) in early January. Specifically, Edgar Schein is looking forward to discussing his most recent book Humble Inquiry. Given that you are creative professionals who understand that every specific situation is different, we know you’ll come up with something other than ‘how to’ questions. (Such questions have been known to make Dr. Schein bristle.) Email your question for Oshry & Schein to info@bcodn.org by December 30th, 2013. Remember … The first 5 people who send in questions will be able to sit in on their choice of the video call interviews.

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