Simon Goland helped us unleash our Creative Intelligence

Thanks to Simon Goland for such a wonderful workshop!
As busy working professionals we tend to lose track of our creative side, but Simon definitely showed us how to use creativity to enhance our performance- a well-needed reality check for the group.
The workshop explored the notion of Creative Intelligence – its meaning, ways to bring it forward, possible barriers, and why it all starts with deep inner work. We will have fun, activities, experiences, stories, and dialogues.
His fun activities really helped the group to engage and use the creative side of their brain in ways no one expected. It was also great to see the extensive research he did on about how creativity is a key driver in today’s the global economy. The profound part of his presentation that struck a chord was when he said, “The lesson is that if you’re serious about being a leader, you should arrange to fall in love, early and often, with chaos, complexity, and creativity.”A big takeaway from the session is that as leaders we should always find a way to utilize creativity to effectively engage with their teams.

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