Season Kickoff Networking Event -- Great Connections!

You know that electric feeling in the air when people are exchanging ideas, sharing lessons learned, and having a good conversation? That was the case at September's Season Kick-off Networking Event at the Cactus Club’s atrium on Broadway. Several students were in attendance from Adler University and it was truly inspiring to hear how many of our seasoned professionals were offering their experience to the students. Information flowed both ways, to be sure! 

Half of our new board members were on site and happy to hear about ideas and thoughts for the season ahead. One of the themes was looking at having some meetings outside the downtown core. Yes -- we're looking into that!

Special thanks to Doreen Jacklin for being there early and setting up, even though she has handed the Treasurer reigns over to Katherine Marlow.

Like last year, I suspect we'll hear about lasting connections that were made during this event. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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