Nomination Details for Board Membership


Call for Nominations for the BCODN Board of Directors

Here is your opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way!

Deadline for Board Nominations is June 13th 2017, 11:59pm.

The Board comprises up to 10 volunteers committed to improving BCODN and the practice of OD in BC. We invite you to nominate a BCODN member or yourself to participate on the Board.  Currently positions open include:

  • - President / Chair
  • - Secretary
  • -Treasurer
  • - VP of Memberships
  • - VP of Communications
  • - VP of Program Development
  • - Building Community Organizations (BCO) Representative

(A PDF detailing board roles and responsibilities is available below)

How is a Director Involved? 

  1. Directors collaborate with each other to shape BCODN and its activities for a term of two (2) years. Directors gain satisfaction from helping create a strong professional presence for OD in BC. Directors, being more intimately involved with the network, will also have many opportunities to meet, share with and learn from other OD professionals. 
  2. The contribution of each Director depends on individual interests, talents, and the agreed-to role. Each Director agrees to take on a role or area of responsibility (e.g. Secretary-Treasurer, VP Program Development, VP Membership, VP Communications, etc.).  Roles are confirmed during a planning session in the summer and are aligned to our common goals and practices.
  3. A Director’s level of involvement ranges depending on his/her role. You can expect at least four (4) hours a month for communication activities (emails and other correspondence) and/or scheduled Board meetings (which average 2 hours per month). On average, Directors may spend up to ten (10) hours a month on BCODN business and/or attending events. Some responsibilities, like those of the Communications Chair, may require up to twenty (20) hours per month.


The Nomination Process

Only current BCODN members can be nominated. (Not a member? Individual memberships for this year - are $80.00. Join here.)
To nominate a colleague or yourself, please submit: 

1. Your name and contact information.

2. Your nominee’s name and contact information.

3. A brief professional biography of the nominee (first 200 words will be published), and why he/she/you would make a great director.

4. A digital photo (which will be published).

If you nominate a fellow member, please contact the person first, ensuring s/he agrees to run and to serve if elected.  If the nominee is interested in a specific role on the Board, please also indicate that interest on the written submission/biography for consideration. To allow the membership to receive nominee information in advance of the AGM, email your nomination information to by 11:59, June 13, 2017.

The Election Process

Members can be nominated up to the time of the elections at the AGM.
Additional nominees may submit their biography/submissions with a maximum of 200 words to the Nominating Chair at the Annual General Meeting.  The biograpy will be circulated to members at the AGM.

  1. Directors are selected by a voting process at BCODN’s AGM on June 20, 2017.
  2. Only BCODN members may vote.
  3. Prior to the June AGM, a list of all nominees (as identified up to the above deadline) with their submissions will be emailed to all BCODN members.
  4. If there are fewer nominees than positions available, election may be by acclamation or by ballot based on motions from the membership.
  5. If there are more nominees than positions available, each nominee will be provided an opportunity to speak at the AGM to garner support to be elected. Elections will be held by ballot.   


Questions? Please send your question to

Election Procedures

Members may be nominated for the Board up to the Election.

The registrar of the meeting will have sequentially numbered cards of a standard size and colour. They will be assigned to members who attend the Annual Meeting, and so marked in the registry.

A person will be designated to sit at the registration table to register late-arriving members and candidates to the Annual Meeting.

A candidate who did not get included in the candidates' biographies may provide his or her own biography/submission on one sheet of paper. It must be limited to 200 words or it will not be permitted. These late entries will be ordered by lot and will be turned over and stapled to the back of the candidate biographies that were produced earlier by the nominating committee.

Candidate speeches (see notes below).

Scrutineers - several outgoing and possibly continuing Board members serve to count at-large and announce two-year (most votes) and one-year (next votes).  Each member with a numbered card gets a ballot.

Motion to destroy the ballots.


Candidate Speeches
In general:

The order of presentation will be determined by a business card draw.

There will be a three-minute time limit for speeches. A timekeeper will stand when 15 seconds remains and applaud when it is 15 seconds over.

At-large candidates will speak first and executive candidates will follow.  Proxy may read a speech for a candidate on vacation or ill.

Candidates take questions for up to two minutes providing short responses.

A 15-minute break between speeches and voting will be provided for members to speak with candidates and informal discussions to take place.

Although no formal time for endorsements from other members or non-members is allocated, members are free to discuss their opinions during the break.


 We invite you to consider being part of the BCODN Board of Directors.


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