Liane Davey speaks with BCODN!

You may recall that BCODN was a sponsor of the Art of Leadership in 2015. Dr. Liane Davey was one of the speakers at that event, and she has agreed to do a virtual interview and learning session with BCODN on January 18th at noon.

Liane Davey combines her expertise in strategy with her deep insight into group dynamics to create powerful changes in top teams. As a Vice President of Knightsbridge Leadership Solutions and the Lead Team Effectiveness, she is sought out by executives at some of North America’s leading financial services, consumer goods, high tech, and healthcare organizations.

MEMBERS, if you have questions for Dr. Davey, please send them to us by January 13th by emailing But wait – there’s more. If you would like to ask your question live with Dr. Davey, please say so with your question submission. A few lucky members will have the opportunity to dial in to our live video interview on January 18th at noon pacific time.

More about Liane Davey:

Liane Davey is a psychologist, author, public speaker, and business strategist.  Early on, Dr. Liane Davey found industrial assembly lines – crayons, cotton swabs, soda pop – fascinating. When she settled on psychology as a field of study, it was with the realization that human teams are the assembly lines of the modern business organization. Get the processes and connections right and you can have highly effective and productive teams.

Armed with a Ph.D. in psychology, Liane joined a large consulting firm – and discovered that too many teams she worked with were anything but highly effective and productive. In fact, all too often they were dysfunctional. That experience inspired her to figure out what really makes team work.



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