Have a Voice in BCIT's New Graduate Program in Coaching

BCIT is in the process of developing a new graduate certificate in professional coaching, designed to align with the core competencies of the International Coach Federation and to prepare graduates to work as external or internal coach practitioners, or to use coaching skills as part of existing roles and responsibilities. 

We would appreciate your help, as an industry expert, in donating 7-10 minutes of your time to complete our needs assessment survey. The survey can be accessed through this link (http://bcit.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/bcit-ltc/needs-assessment-grad-cert-in-prof-coaching/).  We would appreciate responses by December 23rd. If you have received more than one email requesting that you complete the survey, we apologize and ask that you complete it only once.

We welcome you forwarding the survey to any contacts who might be interested as well.

Thank you for considering our request.

Best Regards,

BCIT School of Business

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