Giving Back to the Community! You can be Proud.

Imagine a world where new practitioners are mentored by established practitioners and use their combined services to strengthen not-for-profit organizations in the community. Isn’t that a great thought? The good news is, through BCODN you are already part of that community! What’s more, if you want to get involved, you can.

Stemming from BCODN, the Building Community Organizations (BCO) is a forum for emerging and seasoned OD practitioners to work and learn together as a team while providing volunteer services to selected not-for-profit organizations in the Metro Vancouver area and other regions of British Columbia.

There are  currently two exciting projects being formalized at the moment, plus one in Vernon that still has room for volunteer mentees. (Yes, that’s a hint!)

The first project is with a small not-for-profit that has been around for about fifteen years. Until this point, they have had very little structure, and almost no infrastructure. The mentor and mentees, working with the leadership team, will be creating an experience and a system to introduce the new board members to the organization. They will be conducting a needs analysis to inform the future strategic plan, and more. Feedback thus far is that everyone is enjoying the experience, collaboration and teamwork. What’s more, the team will be providing the organization with guidance to build the kind of vital infrastructure that will keep them moving forward sustainably, and able to continue to add value to their community.

The second project is set to start in the fall. It is a larger, unionized not-for-profit in a university setting. While they have a large staff, they are finding that their employees are either heading off for maternity leave, or getting ready to retire. They have asked for an overall succession plan to help them prepare for future success in the services they provide. 

Volunteer consultants are needed for the third project in Vernon, where a wonderful mentor has already volunteered. This is a longstanding organization with a board that has just moved from being more operational, to becoming a governance board. They are learning to navigate that change in a challenging environment that has three Executive Directors in two years. The mentor and mentees will be coordinating with the new Executive Director to move the organization to the next stage! The project will include the introduction of policies, procedures, and the structures they need to put in place to guide them into the future.

One of the huge benefits of volunteering with BCO is that it is an opportunity for practitioners to work as a team, collaborate and receive guidance from senior practitioners. Interested? If you would like to take part, please email BCO at:


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