Did you hear? BCODN's first Pub Night was a hit!

BCODN's first Pub Night was at Steamworks. It was great! People from the Board greeted everyone who came in and in no time, the conversation and laughter were bubbling! There was a terrific "formal" networking period (thank you Laura Villacrusis!) and it make it so easy to get to the heart of people and their work! Sitting at a long table of about 20 people, we laughed, networked, and shared projects and business needs or projects that we were working on. One of the guests even found a company contact where he can do his internship which related beautifully to his thesis project on his Masters! We had a great night with people of all ages, backgrounds, consultants and employees! Let's do it again!! Next time, we hope you'll be there too.


BCODN provides solid learning sessions, but a big part of the value is in networking, getting to know others in our industry, learning from each other and supporting each other in business.


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