Contribute to the Community

Opportunities to Learn and to Contribute to the Community

Building Community Organizations (BCO) is a mentorship program of the BC Organization Development Network.

Under this program, emerging OD practitioners (who are BCODN members) volunteer to work on organizational issues with non-profit organizations.  Their work is shadowed and lead by a senior consultant (also a BCODN member) who provides them with coaching and mentoring as they work collaboratively with the non-profit client usually on 2-4 month long projects. This is a wonderful way to give back to the community, learn, and serve non-profit clients who would otherwise not be able to afford to work with OD professionals.

BCO currently has two project opportunities available for volunteer OD consultants and seasoned mentors.   

·       If you are interested in learning how to do virtual OD work you will want to seriously consider being part of the team working with a new board of directors in the Interior.  The focus of the project is team building and establishing shared priorities. 

·       If knowing more about succession planning is of interest then our second project may be for you.  A mature not for profit in the lower mainland needs assistance in developing a succession plan for their organization. 

BCO would like to move forward with these projects ASAP.  Please contact  if you are keen to explore these opportunities further.

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