Chris Obst engages BCODN members with Human Energy

What an engaging and energetic workshop it was on Human Energy! The energy and passion for the topic in Chris was contagious.

As OD professionals working with clients and organizations, we tend to push ourselves to the limits, and while recognizing the importance of self-care, we often find ourselves in a place of wishing there was more time and energy. This workshop highlighted the importance of self-care for the energy, presence, and engagement we bring to our clients and people around us.  The seeming dichotomy of the ‘power of full engagement’ being in our ability to disengage was brought to light and analyzed.

With engaging metaphors, case studies, and stories, Chris accentuated the importance of considering four levels of energy (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and their interconnectedness in the face of increased demands. It was a wonderful workshop that focused on identifying sustainable models to develop our own capacity for energy at all four levels in order to serve our clients to the fullest extent of our capacity.

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